Here in Nevada County we have the joy of watching the Yuba River constantly sculpt and change the land around it. Thousands of years ago, yogi sages in deep meditation discovered that the flow of attention creates and recreates the landscape of the mind. They developed methods of turning the flow of the senses away from the turbulence of the outer world and inward toward the peaceful refuge of the inner self. There the mind rests in quiet reflection of the "sorrowless and effulgent light" spoken of in Patanjali's yoga sutra.

The classes at Deep River Yoga Studio follow the method of BKS Iyengar, teaching precise alignment of each yoga pose in sequenced repetitions that build strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. Emphasis on alignment penetrates progressively inward, unifying, clarifying, and integrating the physical, cognitive, energetic, intuitive and spiritual tributaries toward their inexhaustible source.