Beginning: Classes geared to students with little or no experience with yoga. Emphasis on correct alignment in basic postures. 
Restorative: Prop supported yoga postures are held for several minutes with guided relaxation and breathing techniques. Rejuvenate the body, mind, and nervous system and prepare for pranayama (yogic breathing).
Mixed Level: Basic yoga postures are taught to beginning and continuing students with emphasis on cultivating external alignment and deepening inner awareness.

Intermediate: For continuing students who are interested in penetrating the more refined actions of the postures, prepare for more advanced and inverted postures, learn some philosophy and history.

Surya Namaskar: A flowing series of poses (vinyasa) saluting the sun, and linking movement with the breath. Vinyasa practice is accompanied by a traditional chant.

Gentle: Props are used to allow students with physical restrictions to practice safely, retaining alignment and receiving the full benefits of the pose. Particularly useful to those with a history of debilitating illness, injuries, or aging joints.